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The leading digital marketer of residential electricity you've never heard of.


Since 2011, we've quietly become a digital marketing powerhouse in residential energy, successfully leveraging  the online expertise of our affiliated publishing company and its digital partners, ranging from Amazon to 2oth Century Fox to Simon & Schuster. Today, Electricity Club is licensed in 9 states, operates  a  portfolio of high-volume energy deal sites, and drives enrollments with its unique curated network of 125 content sites, hyper-targeted email, social media campaigns, and an army of micro-influencers. Oh, and did we say that we partner with iconic star endorsers in entertainment and sports? Let us know if it's time for you to learn more about E-Club. 

Electricity Club now drives volumes on par with the large comparison sites, and they have a mind-blowing arsenal of digital weapons to drive enrollments.
— Rob Cantrell, Crius Energy
Amazing service. I saved $450 by using your code I got from a blog site... while I drank my coffee. I shared it with my employees.
— Gregory Wyles, EnergyPromoCodes Subscriber

Our rate campaigns set your brand and plans apart, endorsed by trusted stars.

Unlike comparison sites, we don't display your rates side by side with competitors in a commodity environment focused solely on lowest price. We present your brand individually in an engaging "Live Campaign" format that promotes "special" pricing, and also emphasizes other consumer decision drivers.  Trust and reputation are particularly important to our subscribers.  We've found that our proven behavioral-based formats, in combination with endorsements from our trusted public figures, bring customers over the finish line.

Academy Award winner and Clean Energy Advocate, Louis Gossett, Jr. 

Academy Award winner and Clean Energy Advocate, Louis Gossett, Jr. 

"I've worked with Frank Eakin, the owner of Electricity Club and Eakin Films & Publishing, on successful projects around the world. I trust Frank with my brand, and you can trust him with yours."  - Louis Gossett, Jr. 

We drive users to our sites using social media, email, native advertising, search engine marketing and affiliate marketing channels. We communicate with carefully crafted, demographically-targeted messaging, appealing to users' passions, from environmental stewardship to binge couponing. We target user profiles based on our years of testing and data analysis in online energy marketing, and we design our sites and programs by applying the results of our R&D in behavioral economics.  

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Solar installation: panel buyers in de-reg markets need energy plans, too

In 2017, we launched for solar home installation lead generation in 46 states. The site also drives enrollments for electricity plans in de-reg states, since solar customers remain on the grid to access energy in non-sunlight periods. Our one-stop concept adds convenience for the user and our energy plans are a natural compliment to their solar installation.   

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Latinos: underserved market a third the size of Texas... and beyond

In 2018, we will launch Fiesta Energy, targeting the Texas Latino market with an entertaining format featuring Latino stars and supported by radio advertising.  Latinos make up 29% of registered voters in the state. We're also launching sites in 2018 in ventures with major "green" organizations and mega-church congregations, with corresponding influencers. 


Let's talk about your REP

We selectively add REPs who can bring value to our subscriber base and are good candidates for digital growth. We are interested in working with electricity and natural gas providers in all de-reg states that are well established, have positive brand reputations and high ethical standards. Also, we look for partners who are willing to work in a spirit of teamwork with our people to optimize conversion ratios with our subscriber base.  Does this sound like a fit? Let's talk!


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